A Dessert Best Served Cold
Fruited Sour
DESSERT BEST SERVED COLD We were all kids once...running errands with the parents and bored out of our minds. Anyone remember those creamy lollipops you used to get at the bank?? Think Chupa Chups or Swirl SIF-T-Pops. That brilliant sucker that could get you through the hard times of bank visits and hardware store runs. Enter our newest addition...Dessert Best Served Cold. A Blueberry Peach Cream Sour that has that nostalgic hero complex. At 6.2% it will get you into your feels but not for so long that you can't get out. We've already taken care of your weekend plans!
How to Consume:– On Draft ~ 16 oz & 10 oz Glasses – Crowler or Growler ~ Take Away Only